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‘General Hospital’ Oct. 20 Spoilers: Dreams Haunt Sonny, Henchman Attacks Maxie

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In General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, Oct. 20, danger lurks in Port Charles both in dreams and in reality. As Sonny gets haunted by his dreams, Claudette’s fear appears to have finally come to get her.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) is so disturbed by his dreams that it becomes hard for him to separate what is real or not. Even Ava (Maura West) got to him when she pointed out that he and baby Avery needs Carly (Laura Wright) to get through this hurdle.

It appears that Carly and Sonny will finally face each other for the first time ever since she moved out of Casa Corinthos and brought her daughter Josslyn with her.

Carly confesses she still loves her husband, but she says she cannot be with him, according to Oct. 20 spoilers for General Hospital. Merely seeing Sonny reminds her of Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) death which makes it unbearable for her.

But then again, maybe the confrontation is only one of Sonny’s haunting dreams.

Somewhere else in Casa Corinthos, Ava lurks in Morgan’s room to search for any evidence that will prove her connection to Morgan’s death. She will try to conceal her act of swapping Morgan’s medication which left him erratic. But Nelle (Chloe Lanier) catches her before finally getting the bottle of pills under the bed.

Will Nelle be clever enough to put two and two together? If she does, will she tell on Ava or strike a deal with her instead?

Meanwhile, General Hospital spoilers for Oct. 20 also show danger has arrived once again in Port Charles. Claudette (Bree Williamson) looked genuinely terrified and asks for help to take Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) away. But with her string of lies on her back, Griffin (Matt Cohen) and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) will find it hard to believe her.

She might be telling the truth this time as Maxie (Kirsten Storms) gets in trouble for being mistaken as Claudette. The henchmen, believed to be by Valentin (James Patrick Stewart), obviously have not seen Claudette before as she mistook the wrong blonde to assault. Maxie will not back down without a fight.

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