Nicole Kidman Sides With Jennifer Aniston Amid Brangelina Divorce; Kidman Reportedly Avoiding Jolie For Years

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Ever since news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce broke out, two camps that hibernated for the past eleven years were awoken – Team Angelina Jolie and Team Jennifer Aniston. Despite staying mum regarding his ex-husband’s divorce, people have continued to drag Aniston’s name in the narrative and now her friend Nicole Kidman may have just confirmed whose side she is on.

Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman are long known to be close friends – even before starring together in the 2011 romcom Just Go With It. Of course, it is only natural for the Bewitched actress to side with her friend specially when she might have felt guilty for unintentionally being a culprit of the end of Aniston and Pitt’s marriage 11 years ago.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston ended their 5-year marriage in 2005. In a few months, Brad Pitt was rumored to be dating Jolie. The two became close while filming Mr. And Mrs. Smith (2005).

Nicole Kidman may have felt it was partly her fault. Initially, the 49-year-old was set to play the role of Jane Smith but because of her busy schedule, the part was given to Jolie.

She allegedly hated how, because of her absence in the movie, it somehow led to the end of Aniston and Pitt’s marriage, which changed her friend’s life.

If only she took the role, Aniston would have had her peace of mind and worrying that her husband will be “seduced” by his co-star would have been out of the question. With that, Kidman felt uncomfortable with her role in the Brangelina story.

Additionally, Kidman is purportedly still hurt how her friend was blindsided the whole time. Since then, Kidman had “stayed the hell away” from the Maleficent actress.

Currently, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have their hands full with their divorce and fight for their children’s custody.

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