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‘Teen Mom OG’s’ Maci Bookout, Taylor McKinney Reportedly Under Fire for ‘Lazy’ Parenting Style

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Sharing your personal life to millions of viewers give people the perception of having a say in your life choices like, for instance, Teen Mom OG’s Maci Bookout, who is under fire for her parenting decisions. But is the public not without merit in their opinion this time?

Teen Mom OG’s Maci Bookout decided to quit social media after finding out that she is pregnant with her third child, Maverick, who is now five months old. Her other children are 1-year-old Jayde and 7-year-old Bentley. Having two children under the age of two and one who is going to school, it can be a handful. Fans respected her for putting her children first above anything else.

However, Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney angered fans after McKinney told friends that he drops stepson Bentley to school and leaves Maverick and Jayde to day care as seen in this week’s episode.

Her decision to quit her social media job for her children was questioned when, as it appears, she does not even spend time to look after them. Fans pointed out that if Bookout is at home and McKinney does not seem to go to work, why would they have to send the toddlers to day care? Are they just being lazy to look after their babies?

Aside from being reality TV stars, Teen Mom OG’s Maci Bookout and McKinney run their T-shirt business line called TTM Lifestyle; so it is not like they are not doing anything, right? But does that make it reasonable for the two to send their children, who are aged a year and less, to day care?

Fans can only state their concerns and opinions because, at the end of the day, they are the parents and they have the right to do what they think is best for their children.

Also, sending the kids to day care is not a bad thing. A study conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development suggests sending children to day care can improve their intellectual health compared to having a nanny or relative look after them. Perhaps they have this intention in mind in deciding for their child care arrangements.

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