Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Role in Syria Prompts Meeting of Three World Leaders

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Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Role in Syria Prompts Meeting of Three World Leaders

This week, Vladimir Putin, together with two world leaders, will convene a meeting in France regarding the Syria crisis. The two that will join him will be the President of France Francois Hollande and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The meeting will reportedly have an agenda that will include the Syrian conflict. This is following a summit with Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko, which will deal with the crisis in that country as well.

Aleppo, a city in Syria, has experienced bombings from both Russian and Syrian air forces, but the bombing was stopped in view of a truce. The Kremlin has said that the recent ceasefire was a move that showed its goodwill, amidst the numerous criticisms against the regime.

The decision was announced last Monday, when Russia has said that there will be an 8-hour ceasefire, dubbed a “humanitarian pause,” on Thursday. The move gained the approval of both the United Nations and the European Union. However, both organizations felt that the ceasefire should be longer so that ample time would be available for the delivery of humanitarian aid.

The vicinity has been one of the high-tension places in the world today. Already, massive damage has been incurred since the bombings, and the “humanitarian pause” could do a lot to help the innocent victims with their needs.

The role Vladimir Putin and Russia in the conflict in Syria sparked outrage amongst the governing body of France; specifically the relations between their major cities Paris and Moscow. This prompted the Russian leader to cancel a visit to France that was supposed to happen a week earlier.

There were also rumors that Vladimir Putin was allegedly preparing for a World War III. The reports stemmed from a request issued by Putin for his officials abroad to come home, which some people took as a sign of imminent global conflict.

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