`The Walking Dead’ Star Norman Reedus News: Interesting Revelations About Negan Revealed

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The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus thinks Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the top-rating television show, is cool. Reedus likened the antagonist, whom everybody wants to kill, to the Joker. As news that Season 7 will usher a whole new beginning, fans are dying to know how the show will progress.

Reedus, who portrays the character of Daryl Dixon, expert tracker, in The Walking Dead television series, recently tweeted the question, “Does Negan Kill Daryl Dixon in the The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere?” Other social media posts followed suit. Fans’ immediate reaction was disbelief, prodding the actor to say that was not so.

Whether or not the character played by The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus falls by the wayside or not, Reedus revealed some interesting news and revelations after working long with his co-stars. He said that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who may incur the wrath of viewers for creating a bloody Season 7 opener, is “a great addition to the show.”

Reedus likened Morgan’s “fantastically terrifying” character portrayal to the Batman flicks’ The Joker. Televiewers are expecting a shocking and cringeworthy  scene as Morgan is shown toting Lucille, his deadly barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat. A recent teaser clip  showed curious fans a close view of the show protagonist’s vest. It also makes the audience wonder who among those people kneeling in the lineup will meet an untimely demise.

The Walking Dead actor has added sizzle and edge to other American television shows like Weeds and Grey’s Anatomy before being offered his breakout role as Negan in The Walking Dead series. Morgan appeared in the Halle Berry starrer Extant. He also tackled a role in The Good Wife.

Does The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus’ praises for fellow actor signal some sort of turnover? Is it going to be Negan’s world in the coming episodes? News is that some characters that viewers have become accustomed to will not be on the new season, which airs on Oct. 23.

Photo Source: Tony Shek/Wikimedia Commons

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