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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope’s Dilemma, Aiden Leaves, Chad Moves On

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Relationships are no walk in the park, especially for the residents of Salem in an upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives. Spoilers suggest that Hope winds up with a dilemma, Aiden leaves Salem and Chad finally moves on.

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal that Hope has a dilemma. While Aiden wants to get back together with Hope, Rafe cuts in and tells him that there is no chance for them to have a relationship. Aiden is putting some pressure on Hope and Hope is aware of that.

Rafe, on the other hand, takes this as an opportunity to get closer to Hope. But Hope is still on the edge. According to Rafe, Aiden found out the whole story behind Stefano’s murder and if Hope does not do what he wants, she could be sent to jail. Hope then tells Aiden that he is doing to her what Chase did to Clara, and that he is just as bad.

This comparison makes Aiden realize what he has become. Spoilers indicate that Aiden winds up unsure of himself and of who he is. Aiden decides to let go of Hope and the possibility of the two of them getting back together. With this realization, Aiden leaves Salem to go to Oregon, in the hopes of doing some soul-searching.

Meanwhile, more spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal that Chad finally gets back on his feet and moves on. Chad still grieves for Abigail, but he also knows that he has to move on to do what is best for Thomas. Chad tells Adrienne and Lucas that he is now perfectly capable of raising his son on his own and is grateful for their help. Once Adrienne and Lucas are sure that Chad can take over, they leave him be to plan their wedding.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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