Dr. Dre, Michel’le’s Abuse Tell-All Book Sends This Message: It’s Not Love

Michel'le, Dr. Dre, abuse
R&B singer-songwriter Michel’le recently came out with a biopic that shows how she suffered abuse from estranged husband Dr. Dre.

American R&B singer and songwriter Michel’le Toussaint got strong reactions following the premiere of her biopic Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le. The made-for-television movie gives an inside account of Michel’le’s passions, as well as the abuse she suffered from her estranged husband Dr. Dre.

An outpouring of emotions filled Michel’le’s social media sites. Fans and reporters shared their views on the controversial news. As one online follower tweeted, “You gave a voice to yourself & so many others.”

Another one tweeted that Michel’le inspired women “to stay strong” regardless of the circumstances.”

The California-born singer, noted for her childlike voice that nonetheless led to Billboard-topping songs, said that she wanted her story heard through the film. The movie came out, notwithstanding a cease-and-desist order on it for its depiction of Dr. Dre as a female-beater.

Michel’le re-tweeted a magazine post cited her as stating the “need to stop bury things and talk about it.” Though Michel’le has long been divorced and has gone through another relationship, her story sent reverberated to many women suffering from abuse across the world. A book is said to follow soon. The Michel’le-Dr. Dre controversy follows news of Hollywood celebrity divorces ranging from Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt issues, to the recent announcement of Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer’s split.

The airing of the biopic comes at a time when numerous courtroom dramas based on real events have unfolded before the general public’s eyes. Media entities have come out with analytical articles throwing the question on how far will producers and writers go when it comes to retelling the truth. How far do the dialogues deviate from purely made-up stuff that most commercial films offer?

A case in point is the HBO drama produced and acted in by Scandal star Kerry Washington. In the case of Confirmation, the drama’s makers maintain they have been faithful to the spirit of the real story.

Michel’le Toussaint, as a victim of abuse inflicted by Dr. Dre and as portayed in the biopic, is meant to convey an important message for women. As the singer-songwriter stated, “It’s really trying to show women that abuse is not love. You really should just leave.”

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