Gal Gadot Describes Co-Stars in ‘Justice League’ Movie: ‘They’re Lovely People’

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With the Justice League movie officially wrapped up and headed for post-production, many people are looking forward to a trailer or two. Gal Gadot describes her co-stars in a recent interview.

Gal Gadot shared her experience in working with her co-stars in the Justice League movie during a recent interview while promoting her other movie Keeping Up with the Joneses. The actress had nothing but positive things to say towards the whole production. One thing she loved about working on the Justice League movie is that everyone in the cast is very different, which makes them so interesting and fun to work with.

When it came to her co-stars in the Justice League movie, Gadot said that her co-stars are very similar to their super characters. “Henry is super, you know he has this good will and is polished and pure,” she states. Gadot went onto say that Ben Affleck is more cynical, dark and “Batman-y.” The same goes for Jason Momoa, whom she describes as “this huge dude who loves fish and drinks water,” just like his character Aquaman.

It is not hard to see how Ezra Miller’s personality is very similar to the Flash, being the fun-loving guy that he is and providing comedic relief to the gang.¬†Would this mean that Gal Gadot is very similar to her character Wonder Woman? From the footage that has been revealed both behind the scenes and through the trailers, it is safe to say that Gadot’s description holds true.

It is still a long way away until the movie’s premiere so there are more chances to see them promote the movie and release more sneak peeks in the coming months.

The Justice League movie premieres on November 16, 2017. It also stars Ray Fisher, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, Amber Heard, J.K. Simmons, Willem Dafoe and Julian Louis Jones.

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