`Jack the Reacher: Never Go Back’ Star Tom Cruise Recreates Iconic Film Roles in 1 Take

Tom Cruise iconic film roles
`Jack the Reacher: Never Go Back’ actor Tom Cruise recently proved that he has comedic flair. He has also retained his cinematic appeal.

Tom Cruise, known for making most of his film characters truly his own, recently guested on The Late Late Show and thrilled audiences by recreating with James Corden some of his iconic film roles in one take.

The Jack Reacher: Never Go Back actor recently tweeted his gratitude to all the artists “who have been inspired” by his recent movie. The new film, while not expected to eclipse the global ticket sales of the first movie, has been touted as a must-see project. Cruise reprised his role as an ex-military police officer drifting from one place to another and setting things right.

At 54, Cruise continues to excite avid moviegoers as far as his adrenaline-pumping action films are concerned. His innate charm and tirelessness, like fellow actor Brad Pitt, have not faded over the years.

Tom Cruise and his iconic film roles were showcased, much to the delight of shrieking fans, on James Corden’s show. Corden is known to have celebrated the film careers of Hollywood’s big stars, including Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, and Arnold Schwarzenneger, on his show.

Cruise’s brief appearance on the show gave fans a glimpse of his trademark grin, heart-stopping smile, and overall ebullience. He and Corden displayed epic comedic timing when they acted out in one take several characters that Cruise had played over the years. These films included Cocktail, A Few Good Men, Jerry Maguire, Mission: Impossible, Top Gun, and many more. Incidentally, the latter film marked its 30th anniversary this year. Well-known franchise films have continued to bolster the actor’s career.

The Mission: Impossible actor was in his element playing out his iconic film roles, showing that he was at ease with off-the-cuff comedy. To date, Cruise has been engrossed with film-related work for his new movies that include American Made/Mena, The Mummy reboot, and soon, Top Gun 2.

Photo Source: Yukie Tada/Wikimedia Commons

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