Kate Middleton, Princess Diana Totally Different in Approach to Fame and Royal Duties

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana
Kate Middleton and Prince Diana were recently compared again.

When it comes to her approach to fame, Kate Middleton may differ from the late Princess Diana.

British Vogue editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman, who represents a magazine that has always noted royals who have had enduring influences on the fashion landscape, commented recently that Princess Diana was more of a high-voltage celebrity.

In contrast, Middleton – though “very professional” and inclined to do what she is doing very well — will not run counter to Prince William’s preference to put family above anything else. While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are admittedly serious about their royal obligations and responsibilities, family remains topmost in mind.

That was how Prince William defended the decision of Kate Middleton to give primary focus on their family, with Royal obligations coming a close second. Prince William, of course, has seen the harsh glare cast on his parents since he was little.

Prince William had seen how both his father and mother have, at some point in their lives, been weighed down by the demands and intricacies of royal duty – and with it the undulating attention of media.

In her magazine’s centenary issue, Shulman collaborated with and gave an ace photographer the reins in capturing the different facets of Middleton’s personality. What resulted were snaps that showcased her pensive, intelligent, beautiful and humorous self, qualities that drew her to Prince William.

Princess Diana’s love for her family, especially her boys, is well-known as well. Nonetheless, she became noted for being rebellious and for breaking royal protocol in many instances. As she herself admitted in some interviews, she was not one to go by a rule book. Needless to say, Princess Diana loved people and showed it to all and sundry. Kate Middleton may follow in the footsteps of her husband’s famous mother in terms of being her own person, but being in the limelight is not one of the things she cares about.

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