Stephen Curry 3-Point Record Will Reportedly Dip, Affecting Golden State Warriors’ Championship Chances

Stephen Curry, 3-point record
Stephen Curry’s 3-point record is quite a feat.

Stephen Curry, the NBA player noted for his jaw-dropping stats, notably a 3-point record that has made him one of the valuable players on his team, may see a performance dip in the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors games.

At least, that is what ESPN’s Tim Legler predicts. Legler theorized that since Curry gave an extraordinary performance the past season, his performance is bound to decline sooner or later. The entry of one of the top basketball players the world has seen, Kevin Durant may somehow lessen Curry’s luster. Then again, both belong to one team now.

Durant has been giving a stellar performance of 27.4 points per game. When that is factored in, Legler’s prediction seems to make sense.

Kevin Durant surprised everyone when he joined the Golden State Warriors  offseason. When the Warriors had their pre-season game at the Oracle Arena in Oakland that scored a big win, the team tweeted that it was lots of fun. Warriors fans were thrilled to see Durant donning the blue and yellow team colors.

Stephen Curry, nonetheless, has blazed a trail not only for his 3-point record but also for his overall performance in just a few seasons. The Warriors point guard has been hailed as the purest shooter in the slam era. Other sports industry analysts have referred to him as far and away one of the greatest shooters in NBA history.

Even after winning the MVP award in 2015 after what many basketball fanatics regarded as an impressive season, Curry continued shooting with much precision. He set numerous records for accuracy and points scored, and smashed his 3-point record. Given such performance, many brand marketers began wanting to have a piece of Stephen Curry. The basketball sensation’s Under Armour line became one of the fastest selling shoes in the market. Legler’s prediction may be a remote possibility. It is something that Curry just might disprove.

Photo Source:  Carolyn Tyler/Twitter

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