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‘Teen Mom OG’ Catelyn on Discussing Her Mental Health with Daughter Someday

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Teen Mom OG Catelyn has always been candid when it comes to her mental health. As she faces her daily struggles, she also feels conflicted when the time comes that she will have to tell her daughter about it.

The young mother remained open about her anxiety and depression for years. Despite her dark thoughts, she does not hesitate to seek for help that she needs. Talking to her therapist, she confessed the kind of crippling thoughts that have enveloped her mind recently.

If there is one thing mothers always put first above everything else, even above their own selves, it would be their children. Teen Mom OG Catelyn is no different. Speaking to her therapist, she admitted that she fears her mental health could have an impact to her daughter Novalee. Heartbreakingly, she said her baby “might be better off” without her.

Feeling like nothing could ever go right for her, she admits to feeling like “life would be so much better” without her in it. Her therapist let her know that she is wrong in thinking that way.

Her therapist told her not to be too hard on herself. In fact, she is doing a great job as being a mother to Novalee. The world “needs good” and if she left, it would “be broken,” as reinforced by her therapist to her.

When asked what she would say to her daughter once she grows old enough to understand her mother’s struggles, Catelyn said that she does not want to put “stigma” on herself in her daughter’s eyes. But if Novalee ever feels like she is starting to feel something “differently” like for instance, extreme emotions and thoughts, Catelyn says it is okay to be honest and express that she is feeling that way.

Previously, Teen Mom OG Catelyn admitted she also suffers from Paralytic Panic Attacks. Albeit she is no longer experiencing it after coming home from treatment, she recently felt it when visiting her mother once. However, she shares it is not as crippling as before.

Witness Catelyn’s journey in Teen Mom OG which airs on MTV every Monday.

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