Benedict Cumberbatch Twice Blessed: New Baby, Soaring Film Career

Benedict Cumberbatch soaring film career, new baby
Benedict Cumberbatch has many reasons to be jubilant. Among these are a new baby and the positive reception for his film `Doctor Strange.’

Benedict Cumberbatch is twice blessed. First, his wife, Sophie Hunter, is expecting a new baby. It will be the celebrity couple’s second child. Second, his film Doctor Strange has gotten positive feedback, further buttressing the British actor’s soaring film career.

The Doctor Strange actor has had a remarkably successful career. Versatile enough to tackle roles in different genres, Cumberbatch has evolved as an actor. Whether he is playing Khan, the antagonist in Star Trek Into Darkness, or lending his voice as Smaug, the ominous-sounding dragon in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug; or playing lead roles, Cumberbatch is entrancing.

The premier showing of Doctor Strange has elicited a variety of reactions. One movie buff tweeted that the movie “dazzles and entertains” while others noted the fun and stunning visuals. The movie sets the stage for other confirmed roles for Benedict Cumberbatch in the Marvel cinematic universe, a testament to his really soaring film career.

In the homefront, Benedict Cumberbatch is the picture of a happy family guy. His numerous fans welcomed the exciting news of a new addition to the family. His wife of almost two years showed her baby bump at the red-carpet premiere event for his new Marvel movie.

The couple announced the arrival of their firstborn in June 2015. When news about the actor’s engagement went viral in early November 2014, following an announcement in The Times, many of his fans were  both happy and devastated that one of Hollywood’s most desirable actors had been snagged.

Sophie Hunter, the woman who won the Sherlock actor‘s heart, is an opera director, playwright and actress. She can also sing. In fact, she has released a French language album back in 2005. Several Hollywood celebrities recently just announced baby number two. Among them are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, as well as Kerry Washington and her husband.

Hailed by TIME as among the “Most Influential People in the World,” Benedict Cumberbatch has shown that he cares about something more than a soaring film career. Around September of 2015, Cumberbatch expressed strong disapproval for the way the UK government had responded to the migrant crisis.

The busy actor has plenty of projects on his plate, notably the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War that will reportedly include almost all the Marvel heroes.

Photo Source: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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