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‘NCIS’ Season 14 Episode 6 Spoilers: Kidnapped Officer Escapes, Abby Makes Personalized Presents

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The cases escalate quickly for the squad and especially in Episode 6 of NCIS Season 14, as spoilers suggest that a kidnapped petty officer escapes and Abby makes the new team members some personalized presents.

Spoilers for Episode 6 of NCIS Season 14 reveal that Gibbs and the squad are faced with a case of an escaped female petty officer that was kidnapped. Upon investigation, their case takes a strange turn when they discover that there is a connection between the kidnapper and her missing husband while looking for a motive. Whatever connection there is, it is likely that it will not be a good one.

More spoilers for Episode 6 of NCIS Season 14 indicate that despite the kidnapped officer successfully escaping, she is not quite free just yet. Bishop tells her that she is the kidnapper’s main target, but why?

The previous episode had Quinn revealing the reason why she retired from field work for some time and in this episode, her life will be at risk when someone tries to trick the squad. It is safe to say that Quinn has a lot piled on her plate ever since she became an official member of the team. On the bright side, it has everyone getting to know Quinn more and more throughout the series.

Meanwhile and on a more positive side of things, Abby decides to give personalized presents to the new members of the squad: Torres, Quinn and MI6 agent Reeves, who officially joined the team in the previous episode.

Why would the kidnapper target the officer? What will happen to Quinn? And perhaps the most important question: What kind of knitted presents will Abby give to the new team members?

We shall find it out on Episode 6 of NCIS Season 14, titled Shell Game, with the appearance of Tony Gonzalez.

NCIS Season 14 airs Tuesdays on CBS.

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