Tom Hiddleston, Britney Spears Allegedly a Couple; Hollywood’s Busiest Stars Reportedly Dating

Tom Hiddleston and Britney Spears
Tom Hiddleston and Britney Spears were the subject of a news controversy linking them as one of Hollywood’s possible new couples.

Tom Hiddleston and Britney Spears were recently rumored to be among Hollywood’s “crazy new couples” who are seeing each other. Recently, though, the story has been debunked by a reliable source close to Spears.

The news stated that Spears allegedly asked somebody to facilitate a meet-up with the Thor actor. The publication was reported to have stated that Britney is enamored by Hiddleston’s accent and good manners. The ill-informed source is quoted to have said that Spears got jealous when Hiddleston admitted to having a relationship with Taylor Swift.

Another publication picked up the story and fanned the flames of controversy. It reported that it was Spears’ manager who touched base with Hiddleston’s camp for a one-on-one meeting, and that the British actor was reportedly interested, even adding that the Baby One More Time singer was his childhood crush. It turned out Spears was not bent on pursuing Hiddleston at all.  The story was fiction rather than fact.

Spears, 34, was the teen pop icon during the 1990s. Through the years, she has had hits and misses in her career, but she sold hundreds of thousands of songs and albums during her prime. Her lead single for her album Britney Jean soared in the last quarter of 2013 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. To date, her ongoing Britney: Piece of Me residency show in Las Vegas, Nevada thrust her into the limelight anew.

Fast forward to mid-2016, when the Grammy award-winning singer continued to make waves with songs from her ninth studio album, including a collaboration with rapper G-Eazy. One thing that is certain about the pop singer is that she is happy being a mom to her kids by ex-husband Kevin Federline. She has also shown that she can rise again after hurdling major challenges in both her personal and professional life, as the title of her recently launched album, Glory, signifies.

Britney Spears and Tom Hiddleston’s fame status, just like The Night Manager actor’s previous girlfriend Taylor Swift, has garnered millions of fans across the world. That, and the fact that they are determined artists who also happen to have philanthropic endeavors, may be just about all they have in common.

Photo Source: Seth Rossman/Wikimedia Commons

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