Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ 2017 Remake: Possibly Inspired By the Original Stories

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The live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is set to premiere in 2017, and apart from the look of the film suited to a more realistic take, the character of Belle may be very different.

Compared to Belle in the beloved Disney classic, Belle in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast remake is a little different. Josh Gad, who plays Le Fou in the 2017 version hinted that “it goes further into the trenches in terms of mythology and in terms of the characters.” It could only mean that the remake will take its inspiration from the original stories than directly from the Disney classic itself.

There are actually two versions of the Beauty and the Beast story that could probably be the inspiration for Belle’s character in the 2017 remake. One version is from 1757, titled “La Belle et le Bete” and written by Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont where the Beast proposes to Belle again and again. Belle rejects him many times over because of his physical appearance. Belle is granted permission to visit her family and 10 days later she wakes up from a nightmare and realizes that she loves the Beast.

The other version is the one written by Charles Perrault in 1697 titled “Bluebeard” and features a much darker tale. The Beast tells Belle that she could explore the whole castle, save for a locked closet. However, she attempts to sneak a peek into the closet and finds the bodies of the Beast’s former wives who disobeyed him.

To take inspiration from the darker tale written by Perrault might not slide with Disney. Still, fans can expect that Belle may be different in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast remake.

Meanwhile, as the original Beauty and the Beast movie celebrates its 25th year, it also marks the 25th year since the death of lyricist Howard Ashman. Ashman was the man behind the very iconic theme song of the movie among many other Disney classics. Ashman died due to complications from HIV/AIDS just eight months before the movie’s premiere in 1991.

Previously, the original cast of Beauty and the Beast voice their approval of their live-action counterparts in an interview to celebrate the movie’s 25th year.

The live-action Beauty and the Beast remake is scheduled to premiere on March 3, 2017.

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