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‘Making A Murderer’ Lawyers Reply to ‘Ineffective’ Steven Avery Defense Criticisms

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Making A Murderer lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting respond to criticisms they have received that deemed their 2007 trial defense for Steven Avery as ineffective.

Despite failing to prove Avery and nephew Brendan Dassey innocent, Strang and Buting says they are happy that at least, their allegedly futile defense helped Avery make a new appeal.

Kathleen Zellner, Avery’s defense attorney, asked for a new appeal and claimed Avery’s former counsel was “ineffective.” With that, Zellner wants the conviction to be overturned.

According to Zellner, the two Making A Murderer lawyers failed to present an evidence in the form of cellphone records that proved Teresa Halbach left the Manitowoc County property of Avery alive.

The criticism are not taken personally though as what good lawyers do, according to Buting. They are human beings that are capable of making mistakes, “even the best.”

Now that they are off the case, the Making A Murderer lawyers Buting and Strang are currently on a speaking tour called A Conversation on Justice.

Avery had expressed his blame to the two through a letter that it is his lawyers’ fault for blundering his defense. Buting understands the anger and says Avery has been imprisoned for a long time. A big chunk of his life is spent in prison for being wrongly accused.

“In his view and my view,” says Buting.

Strang adds that he thinks what Avery feels is more like frustration and not anger. Feeling that emotion is “understandable” specially after being caged for a long time specially when lawyers appear to be “pillars” of the same system that imprisoned him.

Meanwhile, the nephew of Avery, Dassey, got his conviction overturned. Federal magistrate judge William E. Duffin acknowledged the “misconduct” of Len Kachinsky, Dassey’s courtappointed attorney, in the unlawful imprisonment of Dassey based on his involuntary confession.

Avery and Dassey are imprisoned for the 2005 murder case of Teresa Halbach. However, investigations suggest a possible tampering of evidence and framing by the police, following the $36 million lawsuit filed by Avery against the county of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The lawsuit was filed when Avery was exonerated and proven innocent after being wrongfully imprisoned for 18 years for charges of sexual assault and attempted murder.

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