Mike Rowe Takes Some of Donald Trump’s Money And Donates It To Good Cause

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Mike Rowe Takes Some of Donald Trump’s Money And Donates It To Good Cause

TV personality Mike Rowe has recently suffered the blow of losing his very own shows. He recently appeared in an interview where he talked about Donald Trump, false headlines regarding his death, and the recent fiasco about him getting recorded naked with a GoPro attached to a hovering drone.

The interview was with Reason TV, where host Nick Gillespie talked to Mike Rowe about his feelings about his shows being cancelled, as well as the recent internet phenomena that he experienced concerning himself.

First off, they talked about the incident when Rowe’s privacy was invaded by an unknown operator of a camera-fitted drone. He related how he woke up one morning realizing that there is a camera seeing him naked while he was at his home. He took his shotgun to try and shoot the camera drone to bits.

However, he decided against shooting the camera when he realized that the recording could surface on the internet at anytime. He let go of the drone, but the footage has not been uploaded or if it was, it has not gained popularity.

They also talked about his death hoax and how it affected him. He said he felt oddly good about it, considering the concern of friends and family. However, there were some harsh comments, too, like some expressing that they were “glad” he was dead or saying that they thought “he was dead years ago.”

While he gave wise voting insights and advice from time to time, his advocacy, C.R.A.P — or Collectibles, Rare and Precious — had also seen success giving philanthropic aid. This is in the form of giving useful talents to “out-of-luck” workers so they could be competitive in the modern economy.

One of the recent donations they got was from when they auctioned a bathrobe from Trump Tower, this particular one signed by Donald Trump himself. It fetched a cool $16,000 which in a way was money from Donald Trump’s enterprise being put to good use.

Mike Rowe has been the host of Dirty Jobs and CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Both shows have been cancelled. Asked how he felt about having his shows end, Rowe appeared cool with it and said that he just “stuck out.”

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