Pippa Middleton, James Matthews Wedding: Pippa Allegedly Afraid Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy Will Overshadow Her Nuptial

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Pippa Middleton, James Matthews Wedding: Pippa Afraid Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy Will Overshadow Her Nuptial?

Pippa Middleton has been recently known to be officially engaged to James Matthews. Their wedding is scheduled for sometime next year. However, rumors have started popping up that Kate Middleton’s supposed pregnancy may overshadow the next royal nuptial.

The gossip was purported by Life & Style, who reported that the Duchess of Cambridge is carrying 90 pounds worth of pregnancy weight. What’s more, they are using it as an angle to imply that Kate Middleton’s “pregnancy” is going to one-up Pippa Middleton’s nuptial with James Matthews.

They also added that while the wedding was scheduled for next year, it could be moved at a later date. This is because Pippa does not want her sister outshining her event, so to speak. They add that while Pippa “stole the spotlight” at Kate’s marriage ceremonies back in 2011, she is not about to allow her sister to do the same.

Citing an “unnamed source,” they stated that the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister is “worried” that the pregnancy may somehow lessen the significance of the event. Pippa may possibly move the date until Kate’s baby is born, they say.

Gossip Cop debunked the rumors, flat out saying that Kate Middleton is not pregnant. They also add that this is the fifth time Life & Style released a news story regarding Kate being pregnant, all of which are false, according to the gossip-debunking website. There is also no reason to move the wedding, since there is no baby to expect.

When Pippa Middleton flashed a diamond ring last July, many were wondering who the guy was that she was engaged with. It turns out that this is James Matthews, one of the closest family friends of the royals.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton recently wrote the foreword to a puzzle book published by the GCHQ. Together with her husband Prince William, they continue on with their royal engagements.

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