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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 Spoilers: Bad News for Reid, Jane Lynch’s Return as Diana

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Problems of a familial nature will be affecting Reid in Criminal Minds Season 12 as spoilers indicate that he will receive upsetting news about his mother.

Spoilers for Criminal Minds Season 12 reveal that in a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Reid will receive a call from the Las Vegas Police. It turns out that his schizophrenic mother Diana was found walking around a casino. Just when Reid thought his mother was on the way to getting better, she is found out and about on her own. Rossi and JJ urge Reid to leave the case and be with her instead.

In the previous season, Diana was also diagnosed with dementia; so knowing that she was found wandering around a casino in Vegas must be all the more upsetting for Reid.

More spoilers for Criminal Minds Season 12 suggest that it is possible that this storyline will set up actress Jane Lynch’s long-anticipated return to the show. Previous spoilers already suggested that Lynch will be reprising her role as Diana Reid for the first time in eight years. What could be more fitting for her return than in a very Reid-centric episode, according to show runner Erica Messer?

To add to that, Messer stated that everyone is excited to see her back on the show.

“It was more important than ever to have Jane come guest star because it will be a big story,” she says.

Lynch is not the only one whose return was highly anticipated. Paget Brewster’s return as Emily Prentiss was also anticipated by many, and fans of the show could not be any more pleased to see her sticking around permanently.

In any case, everyone can look forward to some mother and son moments in Criminal Minds Season 12.

Criminal Minds Season 12 airs Wednesdays on CBS.

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