Kate Middleton’s Laziness The Reason Why Prince Harry Still Has No Girlfriend

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Kate Middleton’s Laziness The Reason Why Prince Harry Still Has No Girlfriend?

Kate Middleton, wife to Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge, is no stranger to rumors and gossip. One of the most common issues plaguing her is her supposed “laziness” to attend to royal duties. Now, reports say that this laziness is the reason why Prince Harry, son of Prince Charles to Diana of Wales, still has trouble finding a girlfriend.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been prominently seen attending to her royal duties. However, there have been reports that even then, Kate Middleton has to be forced into a less-than-optimal schedule by Queen Elizabeth II herself. This resulted in a slew of gossip about how Prince William’s wife is not as enthusiastic about her appearances as perceived.

This led to rumors of Prince Harry having difficulties finding a girlfriend. Apparently, his father Prince Charles has been “vetting” girls left and right. Prince Charles does not want his son “marrying into another Kate Middleton,” referring to the Duchess’ not-so-positive attitude towards royal responsibilities.

And it is not only about the Duchess, but the source called out on Prince William as well. They said that the Prince tends to “moan and groan” come off as “stiff” during his royal engagements. This is supposedly in contrast to Prince Harry’s passionate and charismatic attitude towards his work.

Add to this the fact that there are again rumors of the Duchess of Cambridge being pregnant, and the situation looks grim, at least for further appearances of the royal couple. Whether Prince Charles’ actions towards Prince Harry’s prospects are justified, remains to be seen.

On the other side of the coin, Kate Middleton is known to be part of humanitarian projects that benefit hundreds of people today. She is particularly focused on promoting the mental health of people, but most especially young kids that are on their development stages. Her public appearances are not that scarce as well, and she is also frequently seen on family trips with her husband, Prince William.

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