`Remington Steele’ Co-Creator Michael Gleason Writes 30

`Remington Steele' co-creator, Michael Gleason
`Remington Steele’ co-creator Michael Gleason passed away.

Michael Gleason, the co-creator of Remington Steele, which had millions of viewers worldwide glued to their television sets back in the 1980s, passed away.

Gleason was 78. He started out in the American entertainment industry as a writer. He was behind a string of popular television shows. He co-produced Rich Man Poor Man. His writing credits also included episodes of Lois & Clark, Police Academy: The Series and Charmed. He was also a crime novelist.

Among his television show projects, Remington Steele resonated with many people. Michael Gleason was queried a few years back in a leading social media site whether he realized just how powerful an influence Laura Holt, the leading female character in the show, had on that generation. Holt was played by Stephanie Zimbalist and she had awesome chemistry with Pierce Brosnan’s character, and he replied that it was “astounding.” He wrote that she was “one of the better characters” he created

Falcon Crest actress Susan Sullivan tweeted that Gleason was a friend who brightened up her life and “enriched the world by simple creation of his life,” prompting other people to comment. One follower noted how she “loved his work.”

Gleason joined other celebrities who went to their Creator this year. These included golfer Arnold Palmer, Nobel Peace Prize-winning author Elie Wiesel, boxer Muhammad Ali, Pretty Woman Director Garry Marshall, The Voice alum Christina Grimmie, musician Prince, bestselling author Harper Lee, British rocker David Bowie, actor Alan Rickman, plus  many others in the creative profession. Another American television show creator who recently passed away was Gary Glasberg.

Remington Steele fans and other sympathizers were able to read the message that was posted in Gleason’s Facebook page: “His talent for bringing characters to life was merely a glimmer of the genius diligently typing day and night. Underneath was a man who loved life, who lived it to the absolute fullest, and who gave unconditional love to anyone who knew him. He leaves behind a legacy of joy and laughter, of countless hours of entertainment…” Rest in peace, Michael Gleason.

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