‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Takes Killer Clown Purge Threat Seriously; Show Bans Clown Costumes On Halloween Special

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‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Bans Killer Clown Purge Costumes On Halloween Special

Halloween is almost upon us! Like most television shows, BBC’s dance competition feature Strictly Come Dancing is planning to have their own Halloween special. For most of us, this means costumes. However, they imposed a specific ban in view of the “killer clown purge” mania that is taking social media by storm right now. They stated that participants in the special are prohibited to wear clown outfits for the event.

Strictly Come Dancing mostly has an audience demographic that consists of whole families, so the ban seems reasonable enough. Show runners deemed clown costumes “too terrifying” for their viewer base, probably in part because of the killer clown purge issue.

This was an event that originated as a threat of mass-killing or at least mass-panic. It started on a single Facebook post, but became later shared with most of the world that it became a viral hit. The reference to The Purge being the mass murders committed in the course of three separate films in the popular movie series.

The event said that there will be clowns roaming about and committing purge-like killing either on Halloween or the night before. This has become such a threat that police investigations even launched their investigations on the issue. While most of the messages ended up being Halloween pranks, citizens are keeping their guard up in case the event actually happens. has posted their side on the issue, tagging the mass-killing rumors as “false.” However, the Strictly Come Dancing show runners think that Halloween is such an important event for the show that they are not taking any chances.

While the Halloween special might allow for other costumes, clowns or anything related to the killer clown purge is definitely banned. While there might be no real threat, the bosses in BBC simply stated that there is “too much risk of scaring young viewers.”

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