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‘NCIS’ Season 14 Episode 7 Spoilers: Torres Breaks Protocol, Tony DiNozzo, Sr. Returns

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It is all about breaking the rules for Torres in Episode 7 of NCIS Season 14. Spoilers indicate that Torres will break protocol for a witness and Abby, Bishop and McGee try to get friendly with Tony DiNozzo Sr.

The title for Episode 7 is Home of the Brave, and spoilers for NCIS Season 14 reveal that a witness for an NCIS case is on the run from the Customs and Immigration enforcement. This leads Torres to break protocol. Knowing that another government agency is after their witness and most likely for a whole other reason entirely, Torres might have to go above and beyond his call of duty and do something about this situation.

Meanwhile, more spoilers for NCIS Season 14 Episode 7 suggest that Abby, Bishop and McGee try and get Tony DiNozzo Sr. to sublet Tony’s old apartment.

Whether things have changed now that Tony Jr. left the NCIS, it remains to be seen. Still, everyone will be seeing Tony DiNozzo Sr. again and while the three of them want the apartment, they have to get Tony Sr. to agree. The apartment has been talked about at the end of last season when the squad figured out how Tony managed to live in a place that seemed quite expensive and above his income on the job.

How will Abby, Bishop and McGee do it? Who among them will ultimately get to live there? Most importantly, will Tony Sr. even agree to subletting the apartment that they have their eyes on?

Home of the Brave is written by Gina Lucia Monreal and directed by Alrick Riley. It guest stars Robert Wagner, Johnny Rey Diaz, Joseph C. Phillips, Peter Macon, Adam Busch, Sonya Balmores, Julie Carmen, T. Lynn Eanes, Coy Stewart, Tom Costello and Margo Harshman.

NCIS Season 14 airs Tuesdays on CBS.

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