Prince Harry and Prince William: What the British Royal Brothers Share

Prince Harry and Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William have more than the baldness gene running through them. They have both been busy with many projects.

Whether they are switching from wearing crowns to hard hats, to headbands in support of London Marathon runners, Prince Harry and Prince William make an attractive sight. Their close relationship through the years has not been marred by intrigues. Going bald may be the least of the younger Prince’s worries now.

The news that Prince Harry fears going bald recently resurfaced. It is something Prince Harry used to joke Prince William about, but reports that the former is scared about ruining his image due to thinning hair do not seem plausible.

While the younger son of Princess Diana is certainly one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, his crop of hair is not likely to trigger a very alarming reaction from him, the way a media entity opined.

In truth, the royal brothers have much pressing matters to attend to. Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship through the years has become stronger, as royal functions keep bringing them together. If they are putting their heads together, it is often for a worthy cause or royal gatherings.

Nonetheless, male pattern baldness runs in the British royal family. Blood relationship or genetics as well as hormonal factors influence hair loss. Prince Harry and Prince William have the baldness gene on both parents’ sides. Varying levels of baldness affect Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Prince Edward. On Princess Diana’s side, Earl Spencer possessed thin hair.

Recently, a professional photographer posted a snap of Prince Philip during his younger years on the cover of Paris Match magazine. He wrote on Instagram that he just spotted a “handsome chap” and asked followers who they think it was. Many guessed right. It was a photograph of Prince Philip during his younger days. Prince Harry bears a striking resemblance to his grandfather.

Thinning hair became evident back when Prince Harry was approaching his late 20s and had a relationship going on with Cressida Bonas. Now 32, the British royal bloke has been photographed many times during royal engagements with an apparent bald patch. Though detractors may continually compare him with Prince William, Prince Harry has a charm all his own. With a thick crop of hair or none, Prince Harry is undoubtedly one of the coolest royals these days.

Photo Source: See Li/Wikimedia Commons

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