‘Star Wars Episode 8 Stormtroopers: Stormtrooper ‘The Executioner’ May Join Film

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With the immense success of The Force Awakens, many are anticipating the release of Star Wars: Episode VIII (8). With a new sequel comes a new character and this time it takes the form of a new kind of stormtroopers under the First Order, specifically the Executioner stormtrooper.

Former stormtrooper Finn goes head to head against the stormtroopers of the First Order in The Force Awakens. In a scene where he wields Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber he is met by  TR-8R / FN-2199 who has a weapon that could withstand the energy of the lightsaber. In Star Wars: Episode VIII (8) however, Finn might meet a more dangerous kind of stormtrooper said to be called the Executioner.

The Executioner Stormtrooper will look a little different compared to the other stormtroopers under the First Order in Star Wars: Episode VIII (8) in terms of appearance and the weapon it has. The helmet of the Executioner will have a matte black line that goes over half of its mask on one side.

Compared to the weapon held by FN-2199, the Executioner stormtrooper’s weapon is similar except it has three spinning blades on the end that are supposedly something like in Phantasm. The Executioner is also rumored to have a shield but that has not been confirmed yet.

Some spoilers for Star Wars: Episode VIII (8) hint that Finn will not only meet the Executioner stormtrooper, but battle it as well. This time, he is on his own without Han Solo to save him in the last minute.

Other details regarding the Executioner Stormtrooper are still unknown. It is likely that it could only be a nickname or code name for another character entirely.

Meanwhile, Disney is currently promoting Rogue One: A Star Wars Story which is up for release this year and the Executioner as well as Captain Phasma are rumored to appear. Donald Glover is confirmed to be playing Lando Calrissian in the standalone Han Solo movie set for 2018.

Star Wars Episode VIII (8) is scheduled to premiere on Dec. 15,  2017.

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