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‘Teen Mom OG’ Maci Bookout Threatened to Kill Farrah Abraham

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Reunions should have been a time to catch up and bond. However, Teen Mom OG resulted the opposite and caused a rift between the members instead. Did Maci Bookout really threaten to kill Farrah Abraham?

In the reunion of Teen Mom OG, a physical altercation occurred between Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood. Apparently, Maci Bookout took Portwood’s side. Abraham’s father later on said Bookout threatened to kill her daughter during the brawl.

It all started when it was brought up by Dr. Drew Pinsky that Simon Saran, Abraham’s beau, commented Matt Baier, Portwood’s fiancé, looks like a “pedophile” to which Abraham agreed. To her fiancé’s defense, Portwood stormed Abraham. From there, things got ugly and physical.

Abraham’s father also came on stage which triggered Baier to side with Portwood as well. When asked, Abraham’s father Michael said he got in between the two because of he saw Portwood had contact with her daughter’s face. He had to step in like “any good father” would do.

He also said Bookout wanted to join the nasty fight and even threatened to kill his daughter. Notably, previous reports had also stated Bookout wanting to come onstage and yelling she wants to kill Abraham. Was it just words from a burst of anger?

Abraham’s father added that it is “wrong.” He reminisced happier times of the last reunion where he said he congratulated her for her first child and wanted to congratulate her this time on her marriage with Taylor McKinney.

Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout already had a strained relationship even from before. Bookout pulled her seven-year-old son Bentley from the show because of Abraham’s past adult tape. It did not stop there. Recently, it was revealed that Bookout did not invite Abraham to her wedding to which Abraham had confirmed herself.

New episodes of Teen Mom OG airs on Mondays on MTV.

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