‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Career Suffering From Allegations of Drug Abuse

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Career Suffering From Allegations of Drug Abuse

Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards was said to be struggling under the influence of drugs. The spread of the rumors started last week. His father, Larry Edwards, even disclosed to the producer of the show that he banished the reality star from their home.

But in a scene where Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards was explaining his side about the issue, that was when the fans started to think that he needs to undergo rehabilitation since, according to them, his eyes looked like a person who was “high on drugs.”

Not only that, but there are other evidences that suggest that the star was a drug user, like in last week’s episode when he was said to be in a “hugger-mugger” appearance. Another thing that supported the speculation was when his mother brought to him his son, Bentley, on Father’s Day. Edwards asked his son about his baseball game since he did not attend for some reason.

By then, viewers and fans took that as a sign that the reason for not attending the game was because he was under the influence. Others even used social networking sites to share their opinions about the actor’s appearance.

The fans of Ryan Edwards believe that one of the reasons why he has no time for his son, Bentley, was because of this habit, as well.  Maci Bookout, Edwards’ ex-girlfriend and Bentley’s mom, spills that he is not exerting as much effort as a father to their child. He seldom attended his son’s baseball games. However, Bookout said that Edwards stands more like a brother to Bentley rather than a father.

But does Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards really need to undergo rehabilitation? Some fans suggested that he needs to. It should be noted that this is not the first time that Teen Mom OG continued to film even though two of their stars, Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans, were having problems with drug addiction. However, both of them were now rehabilitated.

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