Texas Vote Switching: Votes Reportedly Swapped From Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton

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Texas Vote Switching Confirmed Real? Votes Swapped From Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton? [Rumor]

Early voters claimed an incident of Texas vote switching from straight Republican to Democrat. Allegedly, their votes for Donald Trump changed into Hillary Clinton.

Voting machines in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant and other countries are said to be rigged as some voters claimed their presidential votes were changed. The usual pattern of allegations state that despite voting for straight-ticket Republican, their votes are switched from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton after they reviewed their ballots. However, votes for down-ballot races remained the same.

Claims of vote switching are actually pretty common in every election. This time, the Texas vote switching claims are debunked by

However, it is true that there had been a report of a woman who voted at Nicholson Memorial South Branch Library who said her vote was swapped out from Republican to Democrat which she noticed after reviewing the ballot. The poll worker apologized and made her use another machine as the former one was not working properly.

Another incident in the Tarrant County was later found out to be a user error where the voter admitted she may have selected the wrong candidates. In fact, the machine was calibrated and is proven working properly by the technician.

If there are malfunctioning machines, technicians are immediately sent to physically check the machine. Additionally, a representative of Tarrant County had said there has never been an incident where a ballot reproduced a swapped vote.

Reports have only been rampant on social media and secondhand claims but there are no official complaints logged yet either from switched votes or faulty voting machines. It is mostly a case of voter error than a machine that needs recalibration.

What voters can keep in mind from the claims of Texas vote switching is to always be careful in voting and clicking on their chosen candidates and to double-check their ballots before submitting them.

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