Jimmy Butler Calls Out Chicago Bulls Critics; Says They Will ‘Make Noise’ This Season

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Jimmy Butler Calls Out Chicago Bulls Critics; Says They Will ‘Make Noise’ This Season

The Chicago Bulls opened the regular season against the Boston Celtics this week. While the Bulls do not have their lack of critics, shooting guard and small forward Jimmy Butler have stated that critics should not be dismissing their team too early. Were they able to prove their words on the basketball court?

Jimmy Butler told both fans and critics alike that the new era of the Chicago Bulls will be off to a good start. The shooting guard was vocal about it on a media session recently, and called out to those who did not believe that the Bulls will not make their mark on the Eastern Conference this season.

He said that everyone is entitled to an opinion, and even cited the First Amendment. However, Butler added that while anyone can voice out their airs, it did not mean that he has to take every little things that critics have to say.

And indeed, the start of the Bulls’ “new era” appears to be off to a good start. They won the Thursday night game, finishing at 105 points against 99 points from the Boston Celtics.

Butler himself took the charge and lead the game, scoring 24 points and having seven rebounds. Dwyane Wade was next, scoring 22 points, five assists, and six rebounds in said game.

On the other hand, Boston Celtics was led by Isaiah Thomas who scored 25 points for the whole game. Avery Bradley also scored a significant 16 points and performed five assists himself.

Both teams’ next games have already been scheduled. The Celtics will go head-to-head with the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday 7 p.m. The Bulls will take on Indiana Pacers in their hometown of Chicago on the same Saturday, at 8 p.m.

Needless to say, Jimmy Butler and Chicago Bulls have been true to their word against the critics.

“For some guys who can’t shoot, I think we did pretty well tonight,” Butler finally said after the game.

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