Killer Clown Purge: 120 Calls Confirmed Over Scary Fad

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Killer Clown Purge Spread To Northern London, British Columbia as Halloween Approaches

It has been months since the killer clown purge craze started and until now, there are still no signs of the fad slowing down. As Halloween approaches, sightings of these alleged “slayer clowns” heightened and spread further.

The clowns are coming.

Those are the words that can be seen painted on a sign in Harrow. The fad has now reached north of London with sightings in Harrow and Barnet. In only one week, over 120 calls of terrified children in the U.K. were received by ChildLine.

A report by Met Police also stated that they have handled incidents of the so-called “killer clowns.” It also states that even though there is nothing wrong with wearing clown costumes, having the intent of scaring or causing alarm and distress can be considered a criminal offense.

A school in Pinner, West Lodge Primary School, is now on alert while children are warned not to talk to strangers. Although the killer clown purge is not mentioned, the warning to watch out for the disguised clowns is implied.

The phenomenon has also reached cities in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. The slayer clown craze, which has widely spread from social media to the streets of many cities, has created mass hysteria. And despite some debunked reports of claims of a killer clown purge, the public is constantly warned to be cautious.

How did the mania start? Why has it continued to cause frenzy in different parts of the world?

Where it started is not yet determined, but how it has spread like wildfire can be blamed to social media because of its newsworthiness. Professor Gary McCarron of SFU said there might not be a “single cause” to the event but its “absurdity” has “spawned immediate imitators.” Adding to that is the fear and panic that has proliferated the fad from the coverage of sightings posted in social media.

Professor McCarron said the frenzy will surely die down in time but with Halloween approaching, everyone should stay on high alert when trick-or-treating.

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