Michael Moore Did Not Endorse Donald Trump for President

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Michael Moore Endorses Donald Trump for President? Audio Evidence Suggest So

Donald Trump has proved to be a wildfire in the 2016 Presidential Elections, and his candidacy sparked overall interest, owing partly to his rather radical approach to the presidency. He has his share of supporters, but many have been averse to admitting that they support Trump, especially among celebrities. However, rumors have surfaced that acclaimed filmmaker Michael Moore endorses Trump as his candidate for the 2016 elections.

The reports started when an audio transcript surfaced on the internet, in which we hear Michael Moore present the positive points about Donald Trump’s campaign. He pointed out that the now-massive support that Trump is gaining is due to some kind of hate projection; that Trump sends a message to those who are “hurting.” He added that capitalists, career politicians, and even Wall Street “hates” Trump, and so voting for him seems like a big revenge  from the minorities who are underrepresented — and it will feel good.

The audio was cut short after this, which led many to believe that Moore indeed endorses the Republican candidate. However, snopes.com pointed out that this assumption was false, as the audio was taken out of context.

There was more that followed after the audio was cut, which is actually part of Moore’s new documentary called Trumpland. The whole point, in fact, was to address how voting for Trump will only feel good for a day, a week, or even a month at most. However, many who voted after that period will come to experience regret.

He even compared the situation to the “Brexit” incident in which the United Kingdom voted to be outside the European Union. Moore added that this will be the inevitable consequence if people use their right to vote as a mere “anger management” tool.

Michael Moore was very clear that he did not support Donald Trump. He mentioned his book, Downsize This! from 20 years ago, where he endorses Hillary Clinton from the start.

“I was for Hillary before Hillary was for Hillary,” he jokingly stated.

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