Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln Gay: ‘The Walking Dead’ Actors More Than Friends

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Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln Gay? Photo Starts Rumors and Speculations

The legions of The Walking Dead are upon us again, and besides talking about the show, the fans are excited about their favorite actors and actresses, as well. One of the more “sensational” reports came in the form of stars Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln being gay.

The rumor stated that Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln was said to be more than friends. It started when the actors mentioned above took the attention of the netizens and started to talk about it when rumors was spread that they were having some brother’s romance. They were caught in a picture holding each other’s hand, supposedly on the red carpet premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead last Oct. 23.

Meanwhile, it was shown on a paparazzi video that both actors were apparently just teasing each other. They were urged to stand close together and so they did. Since they want to show their funny side, both of them held each other’s hand as if they were couples with Andrew Lincoln started to laugh.

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln were very good buddies for a long time, and it is the reason why they are both comfortable joking around with each other. They did not even feel awkwardness in the act, but people misunderstood what they did. Needless to say that despite the rumors, it is not true that they are more than friends. They are just friends, and Andrew Lincoln was having a happy married life and it was already for ten years.

Everything about the rumors was false. In fact, the photo used about Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln was not even from the red carpet premiere of The Walking Dead, as what sources of the rumor claimed. It was actually at the taping of The Talking Dead together with the rest of the cast of the show.

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