Will Smith Supports Jaden Smith’s Environmental Activism; Actor Close to Tears on Social Media

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Will Smith Supports Jaden Smith’s Environmental Activism; Actor Close to Tears on Social Media

One of the entertainment industry’s most famous families, the Smiths, are said to be so supportive with each other. Nowhere has this been made more apparent recently than when Will Smith proudly posted a photo of his son, Jaden Smith, on Facebook. He recognized that his son was honored for his environmental activism by the Environmental Media Association, together with actress Shailene Woodley.

Will Smith himself has admitted that he was almost teary-eyed when he posted the photo. He implied in his post that he was so moved with both Jaden Smith and Shailene Woodley’s endeavors, adding that witnessing the “next generation’s global agents of change” brings him close to tears.

As for the other Smiths, it is not only Will Smith who showed their full support for the younger Jaden Smith. During the red carpet event of the EMA awards, the whole family including Jada Pinkett-Smith, Trey, and Willow were present to show their support as well.

Jaden has been recognized for his participation in JUST Water, an organization that aims to make bottled water have less “carbon footprint.” Their principle is that bottled should be more about the water, with less non-biodegradable materials being used in the packaging.

So far, they have achieved this by making the packaging mostly based on paper, a completely biodegradable material that can be naturally replenished. It constitutes most of JUST Water’s packaging, at 54%. While they cannot still completely avoid using small amounts of traditional plastic and aluminum, the rest of the water’s container are made plant-based plastics.

Meanwhile, Shailene Woodley has been recently arrested while doing a peaceful protest against the building North Dakota’s Access Pipeline. The Divergent star claimed that the main reason she was arrested was because she was famous, while adding that it was also because she trespassed. Nevertheless, the EMA saluted Woodley’s efforts.

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