Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant Look Forward to Getting Better After Warriors Face Defeat

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry
Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry faced defeat during the season-opener.

Golden State Warriors’ highly touted heroes of hoops Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant did not have their hopes dashed even after the recent defeat of their team to the San Antonio Spurs during the opening game at the Oracle Arena.

Warriors forward Durant described the loss as being like a “slap in the face,” something that Curry echoed.

The addition of Pau Gasol to the Spurs was a decisive move that was hailed by sports aficionados as a `momentous’ occasion.  News feeds and social media posts were dominated, though, by Kevin Durant’s signing up with the Warriors.

During the recent game, Durant’s stellar performance of 27 points added much to Curry’s 26 points. Curry is noted for setting numerous records for accuracy and points scored, and is known to basketball fans from all over the world for his 3-point record.  Victory was elusive for the Warriors on this occasion, though.

Things, however, can only get better, as Durant said, adding that he and his team cannot panic. While the Warriors lacked in defense, the Spurs had the upper hand in offensive tactics.  The season opener certainly had hits and misses.  Golden State’s biggest weakness was exposed, prompting Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry to acknowledge where the team fell short. The loss, he said woke them up “a bit.”

NBA fanatics noted how the Spurs’ talented big men, particularly Gasol, proved game predictors right, showing his skill and impact at the team level. Gasol previously had a two-year run with the Chicago Bulls. A few months ago, Gasol stated in interviews that he had always longed to be part of a team with a chance of getting the championship.

Stephen Curry, basketball fans noted, displayed a second quarter spurt,  but the Spurs dominated the third quarter and went on to clinch the victory. All eyes were on Kevin Durant, and there were “flurries of greatness,” but it was not the time for the Golden State Warriors to shine.

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