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‘Teen Mom OG’ Spoilers: Catelynn Lowell Banned From Seeing Her Daughter Again [Watch]

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Will Catelynn Lowell still be able to see her child? As Carly’s adoptive parents ignore visitation requests, Lowell fears she will never be able to see her first child again as revealed in Teen Mom OG spoilers.

Catelynn Lowell and husband Tyler Baltierra meet up with their adoption counselor. Lowell tells the adoption counselor that Teresa and Brandon Davis, Carly’s adoptive parents, have ignored and have not responded their messages on their request to visit the child. Lowell fears that she will not be able to see her child until she is 18 years old.

The adoption counselor pulled out some documents that showed Baltierra and Lowell signed the rights for “ongoing face-to-face” visits, according to spoilers for Teen Mom OG. Being Carly’s birth parents, the two can request to visit the child. However, it will be up to the adoptive parents to decide what is in Carly’s best interest and if they will grant the request or not. They were also assured that Teresa and Brandon Davis will be honest with them if they ever decided to abdicate visits to Carly.

The two parents previously had a strained relationship after Davis asked Lowell and Baltierra to keep Carly out of the public’s eyes. Baltierra, however, did not agree and wanted to fight in order to talk about the child and post her pictures on social media.

On a related note, previous Teen Mom OG spoilers reveal Lowell and Baltierra being arrested for marijuana possession in only a week after the two put Carly in adoption. It was only a week after the child’s birth.

Now, the couple has another child named Novalee. Despite being candid regarding the state of her mental health, Lowell had voiced her concern of someday telling her daughter about it. She fears she will put a “stigma” on herself in her daughter’s eyes.

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