Amber Heard Reportedly Dating Brandon McCulloch As Revenge for Johnny Depp Divorce

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Amber Heard Dating Brandon McCulloch As Revenge for Johnny Depp Divorce?

Not long after her divorce with Johnny Depp, rumors started that actress Amber Heard has apparently already fallen for a new flame. Supposedly, the actress is now dating a musician by the name of Brandon McCulloch.

Amber Heard and Brandon McCulloch was seen having lunch together in Los Angeles last week, and this is what started the rumors that the two are actually dating. In fact, a source claimed that McCulloch himself has already been telling his friends that she is dating the Justice League star.

However, the “friends” who heard this were suspicious of the intentions of the musician, and most of them say that he is just doing these appearances and starting these issues so as to “rile” Johnny Depp up. As for Heard herself, the source adds that she “knows how to push Johnny’s buttons,” implying that this is not a genuine romance but more of a revenge relationship.

However, Gossip Cop had tried to debunk the issue, saying this is a “non-story.” They pointed out that both Heard and McCulloch were only friends, according to a “reliable source” of their own. The musician was even present at Depp and Heard’s wedding, they said.

Even McCulloch’s tweet about the issue denied the rumor. He stated that he had been friends with Amber Heard for more than 12 years now. He also added that this is not the first time they shared a meal together, and they will probably have more of it in the future.

As for the Justice League actress’ situation itself, reports say that she is not doing very well after the divorce. Some have even called her “broke” and “homeless.”

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp is selling his penthouses in Los Angeles. There are five of them valued at around $12 million; one already sold and the other four available. No price for the properties has been publicly announced yet.

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