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‘Days of Our Lives’ Oct. 31-Nov. 4 Spoilers: Chloe Explains Everything, Theresa in Trouble, Hope Faces Backlash

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A lot of explanations are needed in this week’s episodes of Days of Our Lives. Spoilers indicate that Chloe and Hope both have some explaining to do and Theresa is in big trouble again.

The whole scandal over who the father of Chloe’s child is brought to light in the current spoilers of Days of Our Lives. This week, Phillip will look for Nicole and reveal that the paternity test that they previously took was not tampered at all. Everyone was shocked when the results revealed that neither Phillip nor Deimos is the father of Chloe’s baby. So who was it?

A surprised Nicole calls Chloe up and asks that she explain everything. Chloe insists that they do this in person and asks Nicole to visit her in Chicago. From the way this is playing out, it seems like the father is most likely connected to Nicole herself. It is likely that it would be Daniel. The two of them may have had a secret agreement before he died, that Chloe carry his and Nicole’s child.

More spoilers for Days of Our Lives indicate that Theresa will be in the hot seat this week. Theresa finds out that Guillermo, the man behind the six felonies she committed, is in Salem and knows where she lives. Luckily, Theresa has Shane by her side and Kim will come in to help her out as well. It turns out that Shane is cooperating with the ISA to track Guillermo down for a while now.

Kim suggests that Theresa bring Brady and Tate with her out of town but Theresa will propose something else.

Meanwhile, spoilers for Days of Our Lives suggest that Hope will experience a lot of backlash over Stefano’s murder. Hope admits her crime and Chad will be furious when he finds out. Ciara will also try and piece everything together and will also want Hope to explain why she did what she did.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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