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‘General Hospital’ Oct. 31-Nov. 4 Spoilers: Anna’s Surprise

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It is Halloween week and the citizens of Port Charles will also get their own spooky confrontations in General Hospital spoilers for Oct. 31-Nov. 4.

Port Charles will celebrate Halloween in Metro Court. Without a doubt, this year will also be filled with spooks and creeps from the PC citizens’ costumes and decorations.

Having an occasion to celebrate, will they have a break in facing their daily struggles and drama? General Hospital spoilers for Oct. 31-Nov. 4 reveal it is not likely to happen.

This week, Sonny will go further down his hallucinations. It later infuriates him that seeing Morgan alive is, apparently, only a case of mistaken identity. Meanwhile, Sonny’s “confidante” Nelle continues to get suspicions; first from Bobbie and then now Michael. With these people suspecting her actions, there might really be a reason to do so.

A new assignment keeps Anna and her thoughts occupied. When she meets someone later this week, she feels some sort of déjà vu. Does this relate to the surprise she will reveal on Friday?

To start of the week, General Hospital spoilers for Oct. 31-Nov. 4 reveal Valentin will finally unveil himself on Monday. He shows up in Laura’s goodbye party to the castle in Wyndemere. She realizes she does not have the authority to sell it and Valentin claims he has the reason and the documents that will explain why she cannot.

Valentin’s return is not welcome as proven by Dante holding a gun to his head. Everyone else is on edge of his presence as they are fully aware of his evil history.

On the other side of Port Charles, Griffin has some parenting struggles and Liz sees it. When Charlotte, abandoned by her mother, has a meltdown, Liz lends a helping hand to Griffin.

Meanwhile, Dillon makes the move to pursue Kiki. Looking back, just when Kiki finally confessed her feelings for him, she was swallowed up by the guilt of Morgan’s death. This time, it is up to Dillon to make his intentions clear. Will they finally be together or is it too fast for Kiki to jump in a new relationship?

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