Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump Election 2016 Heats Up; Trump Implying to Cancelling the Election

Donald Trump, Election 2016
Donald Trump stated cancelling the election at a rally in Toledo, Ohio.

Political provocateurs make headlines nowadays. Donald Trump just elicited the reactions he wanted by stating that the elections should just be cancelled and just hand the Presidency to himself.

Whether the U.S. Presidential candidate said it in jest or not, the statement created an online uproar.  Trump made the proposition at a rally in Toledo, Ohio, where he was also heard comparing his tax plan with Hillary Clinton’s. It was also in that forum that he stated that her policies are so bad.

When the business magnate-turned controversial Presidential contender voiced out his thoughts and uttered, “We should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump, right? What are we even having it for? What are we having it for?” The crowd cheered him on. Donald Trump was very clearly feeding off the crowd’s energy.

As his followers roared with approval, Trump noted that there was lots of good energy emanating from his supporters and then followed up his statements with what he will set out to do in Washington D.C., this time by adding the qualifying words ““If we win on Nov. 8.”

The idea of just handing the U.S. Presidency to Trump sounded preposterous to many quarters. The tactic of being a provocateur, or uttering words in jest or out of strong emotions, rather than really meaning them and standing by them, has been noted as “bad politics.” Other Presidents, including one in an Asian country, have gotten into the habit of resorting to such tactics.

As far as U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump is concerned, the recent statement merely added up to what anti-Trump voters perceive — that he is simple intolerable. As one American tweeted, “And he isn’t a despot?” The absurd comments Trump made about the election followed his mockery of his opponent, Clinton, as being low energy.

Photo Source: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia Commons

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