Killer Clown Purge: 2 Pre-Teens Reportedly Stabbed; European Authorities Issue Warning

killer clowns
Tiny, evil clown heads glare down at visitors to the “Massacre on Marshall Road” haunted house in the Trading post at Fort Bliss, Texas in a photo taken a few years ago.

Harsh consequences await evil-intentioned clowns and similarly masked or costumed offenders in the midst of violent incidents and malicious pranks and purge rumors reported across Germany. The culprits, people dressed up as creepy killer clowns, will be severely punished, German authorities warned.

Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann stated that there will be zero tolerance for killer clown purge pranks terrorizing citizens. Related news disclosed that even children were not spared by unfunny clown pranks, such as the case of a “killer clown” armed with a knife chasing two pre-teen kids to school.

The nasty gags involving clowns not only cause those whom they victimize momentary anguish but also leave horrible consequences, the German politician said.

A tough stance was deemed necessary following reports of a teener who sustained bruises on the head and arms after being attacked by a clown. In Potsdam, a pizza store was also robbed and two of the masked men were dressed up as killer clowns. Similar instances of unfavorable clown pranks were reported in other parts of Europe, raising alarm bells for citizens.

In Scunthorpe, a town in North Lincolnshire, England, an 18-year-old girl was scared out of her wits after receiving a call from an unknown number informing her that she will be killed as part of a “purge” and that her dwelling place was known to those who threatened her.

Sick incidents caused by creepy clowns, and threats of a “purge” on hapless victims have led to police investigations and mass hysteria. While continuous sightings of “killer clowns”  and killer clown purge reports heightened the past several months, some people have wondered if they have anything to do with upcoming movies similar to The Purge or It, which is based on a horror novel, but it seemed like a remote possibility.

People dressing up as “killer clowns” and harming people in more ways than one will have their day in court. They may be armed and audacious, but law transgressors, as North Rhine-Westphalia justice minister Thomas Kutschaty said, will have to face the harsh consequences of their actions.

Photo Source: Sgt. Robert Golden/Wikimedia Commons

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