Killer Clown Purge Targets Children; Molestation Cases Reportedly Rising As Parents Receiving Warning

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Killer Clown Purge: NSPCC Warns Pedophiles Could Dress as Killer Clowns

NSPCC issues a warning that pedophiles could dress up as clowns and molest children. This adds to the rising cases regarding the “killer clown purge” that continues to terrify the people for their safety.

A spokeman from NSPCC said parents should be “extra vigilant” with their children especially when going out this Halloween season. It can be alarming since the “disguise factor” could be used as a tool to charm children. Jumping to the killer clown craze, those with ill intentions can use the opportunity to “molest, intimidate or harm children.”

What started as a killer clown prank has turned into a mass hysteria with people being victims of terror. It then led to a terrifying news of a “killer clown purge” to ensue in Halloween, which references to the movie Purge or mass-killings.

With these threats, the police have expressed to the public to take the issue seriously and to always be cautious. One example of those who had already made a move is BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing that banned participants from wearing clown costumes on the show’s Halloween special event.

It is just right that safety measures are to be conducted as the creepy clown craze continues to scare citizens. In just three weeks, Childline reported that they had already received 462 calls from terrified children regarding the killer clown fad.

Childline also provided counselling to over 139 children who are mostly young girls below eleven years old while in just one day, 84 counselling services to callers are given concerning the frenzy.

It follows the incident in Portsmouth regarding a case of stabbing and three arrests that allegedly started when a young girl wore a clown mask, according to Detective Inspector Linda Howard.

Another case is also being investigated that concerns a bat-swinging man wearing a clown costume who chased a group of schoolgirls in Bolton-le-Sands, Lancashire. The prankster is still being hunted while one of the youngest girls is still “traumatized” of the incident.

Therefore, everyone should be attentive regarding threats of the “killer clown purge.”

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