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‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Consequences of Sully Reveal, Travis’ Past Comes Back to Haunt Him

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The truth will come out sooner or later and in Genoa City, the biggest truth bomb is about to drop. Spoilers for an upcoming episode of The Young and the Restless reveal the consequences that lie ahead for Sharon upon the big reveal and someone from Travis’ past comes back.

Uh oh. Sharon is in trouble! Previous spoilers for The Young and the Restless have laid out the foundation of this big revelation. Now, new spoilers indicate that the truth is finally going to air on GC Buzz. Patty plays a big part in the whole reveal, being one of the very few people who know the whole story. Nick is already trying to piece everything together, but Patty goes ahead and tells Nick who Chelsea is with, and that Christian is alive and is with Sharon.

This whole revelation will not sit well with Dylan either. Spoilers for The Young and the Restless suggest that he will be going down a dark path after this scandal. This will also result to Dylan and Nick being enemies. Sharon is already devastated with the secret getting exposed, and she will lose not only Sully/Christian, but Nick and Dylan as well.

More spoilers for The Young and the Restless indicate that Travis’ past will come back to haunt him. Travis’ former lover Michelle, arrives in Genoa City, but why? It remains to be seen, but it is certain that Victoria will keep a watchful eye over her in case she attempts to get back with Travis.

Meanwhile, Jack continues with his revenge plan but he will likely have to jump over a big hurdle first. Victor also has something to worry about as he will be shocked with what is discovered during their investigation. Billy will be stepping up for Phyllis whenever she is struggling, and at the moment she is. Even if Phyllis does not want to get back together with him, at least they can remain friends.

The Young and the Restless airs Mondays to Fridays on CBS.

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