Aidan Turner, Tom Hiddleston Top Choices for James Bond Role

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Aidan Turner and Tom Hiddleston Top Choices for James Bond Role, No Women Allowed?

It is easy to imagine that being James Bond is one of the most coveted roles in film. It has been played by icons like Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan, and guessing “the next Bond” is always an interesting subject. As for Bond veteran Roger Moore, however, he thinks the honor should go to either Aidan Turner or Tom Hiddleston.

This was when Moore wa interviewed on UK’s TalkRadio, where he was asked who should next fill the iconic role. He immediately mentioned Aidan Turner, and added that he “looks very good” for the role.

He also added that Tom Hiddleston could be perfect as the next Bond. Alleged sources think that this assessment might be a bit biased, though. The Avengers star had been active in supporting UNICEF, an organization which Moore is also a very active supporter of. This may be the reason why he favors the actor so.

While he has not emphasized who of the two actors he prefers the most, there is one thing that Moore is sure of. He says that no woman should ever play Bond. He added that there could be a “Jane Bond,” but it should have nothing to do with the stories in the James Bond universe itself.

This is probably in response to actress Gillian Anderson expressing her interest in the role. She recently retweeted a poster of herself superimposed over the classic Bond backdrop, saying “It’s Bond. Jane Bond.”

Still, the discussion might be nothing more than an interesting point in conversation. The producer of the films, Barbara Broccoli, has expressed that she will not be able to imagine the next Bond film without Daniel Craig as the actor.

Craig, in turn, expressed renewed interest in taking the role once more. While Aidan Turner and Tom Hiddleston might want to take the Bond helm, it appears that they would have to wait.

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