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‘General Hospital’ Nov. 1 Spoilers: Valentin’s Return Alarms Port Charles Citizens

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Brace yourself for some horror this Tuesday in Port Charles. Feeling haunted and fear, some characters are left reeling in General Hospital spoilers.

News of Valentin arriving back in town sends the citizens of Port Charles in alert mode. Will his comeback bring any good or just an opportunity for him to wreak more havoc?

Sam might be stressed after seeing Valentin as she begins having cramps right after seeing him, according to spoilers for General Hospital. This sends Jason and Alexis in concern for both her and the baby. Will her pregnancy be at stake?

Alexis does not happily deal with Valentin’s return as well. Once she is alone, she grabs her usual go-to friend: a bottle of alcohol. Despite her promise to Sam, it seems like she cannot continue to keep it as her drinking habit spirals out of control.

Meanwhile, Griffin is having some parenting worries. He knows nothing when it comes to looking after a child, and he is not even sure if Charlotte is her child; even Nina shares the same thought. She comes to inform Griffin of Valentin’s return. Fearing that Valentin might take Charlotte away, she heads to Anna’s shelter.

Robin, who is there with Anna, also pitched in. It easily turns into Anna’s new assignment and her WSB agent status comes handy.

Another set of General Hospital spoilers also reveal a terrified Ava. She fears that she is haunted by people who are out to take her life. First from Sonny and now Valentin, she thinks she is in danger for being the only witness of Nikolas’ shooting.

In Metro Court, another suspicious eyes lands at Nelle. After Bobbie finds her actions suspicious, Michael has a chat with his grandmother. Later on, she goes to Carly’s office and meets Nelle. She assumes he is looking for Carly, but what she does not know is that Michael is out to quiz her growing concern and closeness to the Corinthos family.

General Hospital airs Mondays to Fridays on ABC.

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