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‘Gotham’ Season 3 Episode 8 Spoilers: Captain Barnes Goes Mad, Lee, Mario’s Engagement Party

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The Mad Hatter’s reign of terror continues in Episode 8 of Gotham Season 3. Spoilers indicate that Captain Barnes starts to feel the effects of Alice’s blood and an engagement party happening for Lee and Mario.

Spoilers for Episode 8 of Gotham Season 3 suggest that Captain Barnes is on his way to going mad. A previous episode revealed that Barnes also came into contact with Alice’s blood. Everyone knows that Alice’s blood brings out a person’s true nature, and whoever comes into contact with it goes mad. Captain Barnes was already feeling the effects before, where he no longer used a cane when he walked or when he nearly crushed the metal chair during an interrogation.

This time around, a dark path lies ahead for the GCPD Captain, and it will not be pretty. Captain Barnes never told anyone that he was infected, which makes it worse. If no cure has been made right away, it is safe to say that Captain Barnes has earned himself a one-way ticket to Arkham Asylum. It is also likely that he would end up becoming one of the villains that Batman faces in the future.

More spoilers for Episode 8 of Gotham Season 3 reveal that Don Falcone will throw an engagement party for Lee and Mario. Parties held in Gotham can either go really well, or end disastrously and it is more often the latter. Who knows, maybe the party will go well and Lee and Mario will be happily married later on.

Meanwhile, Nygma is out of depth with his relationship with Isabella. Clearly him and Isabella are so happy together, both of them sharing a penchant for riddles. Only one person is not happy with Nygma being happy with someone else, and that is Penguin. Will Penguin try and stand in the way of his happiness with Isabella?

Gotham Season 3 airs Mondays on Fox.

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