Johnny Depp Leaves UTA After 30 Years Without Telling Real Reason, Switches to Rival Talent Agency

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Johnny Depp Leaves UTA After Thirty Years, Switches to Rival Talent Agency

Johnny Depp has left United Talent Agency, the agency he had been signed on for the longest time. In the midst of some personal struggles, he decided to leave and instead continue his career via Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the long time rival of UTA.

The UTA has gained several famous actors and actresses last year, which really intensified the already ongoing rivalry between the two talent agencies. However, Johnny Depp has been signed on with UTA since 1998. He will be known for starring in the Fox series 21 Jump Street and soon after, will be starring in several films like Edward Scissorhands, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Alice In Wonderland, and of course, the Pirates of the Carribean franchise, where he plays the eccentric pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.

As for the reason, the actor has never mentioned one, nor did he release an official statement. Even United Talent Agency refused to comment on the issue. They just stated they have been grateful for working with Depp for thirty years, and wishes him well.

The move has come as a shock to most, especially since actors with decades of history and earning possibly billions of dollars in revenue do not just leave a talent agency all of a sudden. Many speculate that this has been due to the recent flops in Depp’s ever-growing filmography.

Some also think that it has something to do with his recent divorce from actress Amber Heard. However, it is as equally valid to think that it is due to the end of his business relationship with Tracey Jacobs, his UTA agent for the past 30 years. Jacobs had been credited with turning Depp into the Hollywood icon that he is right now.

The actor has also been recently reported to be selling his five penthouses in Los Angeles, which suggests that this could also be an issue about money. No matter the reason, everyone agrees that this is a drastic move for Johnny Depp.

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