Killer Clown Purge: The Best Time To Call the Police

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Killer Clown Purge: When You Should Call Police For Killer Clown Sightings

Many incidents have already sparked police to warn the public regarding threats of the “killer clown purge.” But when should you call the police during a creepy clown sighting?

What started as a prank can no longer be considered a laughing matter.

First sightings occurred in South Carolina around mid-August that coincided with the release of the first images of the adaptation of Stephen King’s It. However, the film’s studio washed their hands in any involvement regarding the craze. Whether the fad may be related to the movie or not, many have jumped into the bandwagon which eventually turned into a sort of a case of mass hysteria.

There have been arrests and cases of civilians being terrorized and hurt. The fad has also reached further and further as proliferated by posts of creepy clown sightings spread by social media.

It later on escalated to warnings of a “killer clown purge” that will happen in Halloween which went viral on Facebook. Although the alleged report has since been debunked, cases that come up because of the creepy clown sightings continue to escalate.

Just recently, a 19-year-old dressed as a clown had been arrested for terrorizing people in Brunel University in Uxbridge. The university’s security operations manager Terry Vass said they take “such incidents” and their “students’ safety extremely seriously.” The teen has then been handed a penalty notice for disorder and paid a £90 fine.

Simply wearing a clown costume cannot get anyone handcuffed however if their intent is to terrorize or cause distress to other people, especially with the rampant fad to take note, pranksters will face consequences.

With the Halloween season, creepy clown sightings are expected to heighten. Metropolitan Police shed light on when to call for police when a creepy clown is in sight especially when many are expected to wear costumes for the long-celebrated tradition.

According to the officers, people can call the police when there is an emergency which means: “when a crime is happening, when someone suspected of a crime is nearby, or when someone is injured, being threatened, or in danger.”

A NSPCC spokesman had also issued a warning for parents to be “extra vigilant” as pedophiles could possibly join in the fad to lure children and molest them.

Therefore, everyone should be cautious as the “killer clown purge” pranks are no longer considered as a joke as real cases of terror and arrests are already made.

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