Queen Elizabeth II Reportedly Thinks Kate Middleton ‘Lacks Finesse,’ Poor Public Speaker

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Queen Elizabeth II: Kate Middleton ‘Lacks Finesse,’ Poor Public Speaker? Duchess Bored of Her Fashion Sense

Kate Middleton is one of the most popular and most followed royal persons today. It is no secret that she is compared to a celebrity in most of her appearances. The latest news even reports that she is now tired of her sense of style, standing up even to Queen Elizabeth II so that she could stop being a “silent mannequin” and be more fashionable for once.

“Silent mannequin” was what detractors called Kate Middleton, supposedly referring to the “stiff” persona that she exhibits when she conducts her royal engagements. While her fans have always thought of her as a fashion icon, many still believe that her sense of style is just more of the same every day, without her taking a chance to wear something more interesting or different, while even appearing remotely uncomfortable.

While fashion is a part of being a royal, no one is saying that outrageous outfits are required. But it seems that the Duchess of Cambridge herself is tired of what she wears. The latest news even reports that she has been showing signs of standing up to Queen Elizabeth II to get more freedom not only in that respect, but in the overall aspect of her royal duties as well.

Not too long ago, reports have been saying that Middleton and her husband Prince William were so exhausted of royal duties. The two were whining, apparently upon the imposition of more and more royal duties of the Queen.

It was said that it was a way of getting the couple back on track, as they have been “lax” in their royal appearances and duties. What is more, Queen Elizabeth II thought that the Duchess of Cambridge was a poor public speaker, and felt humiliated with the “jittery” delivery of her public speeches and her general “lack of finesse.”

However, it could not be denied that Kate Middleton appears to be trying her best in any situation she is in. Many then speculate that this latest news could be related to her rumored pregnancy. If that is true, then the “boredom” that she experiences with her current royal life should pass really soon.

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