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‘Teen Mom 2’ Cancelled: Kailyn Lowry’s Book Hints Of Show’s Demise

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Kailyn Lowry’s Book Hints at ‘Teen Mom 2’ Getting Cancelled?

Teen Mom 2 could be reaching its climactic conclusion, or it could be cancelled anytime soon. Whatever the case, many think that the MTV hit show will be ending. Among the clues, one of the most compelling would have to be the excerpts in a tell-all book by Kailyn Lowry, Hustle and Heart.

Kailyn Lowry’s book was supposed to be published on Nov. 22, but some passages have been released by the publisher to promote it. The book serves to be an autobiography of sorts, with the reality show star revealing her struggles in life, including her being sexually assaulted as a teen.

While the book touches also on the constant negativity she deals with, being a Teen Mom 2 personality, one passage in particular garnered more attention: “Now, especially with the show coming to an end, it’s time for my accomplishments to stand out.”

That quote was taken as a strong clue that the show will be coming to its conclusion, or at worst, cancelled. Many thought that this was a bad move for MTV, being that the show is one of the top-rated on the network. Still, Lowry’s words on her tell-all book were pretty compelling, considering that the personality had no reason to lie on a book that aims to be an honest, intimate account of her personal life.

MTV has not released a statement if the show is cancelled or is ending. If they have made a response to the rumor and the book excerpts, the media has yet to hear it.

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry’s co-stars on Teen Mom 2 seem to be content in telling their stories and how their life plays out. Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Messer are just out doing their thing. None of the other girls have expressed a hint or a clue about the show ending soon.

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